Smoked Salmon Breakfast Sandwich

Happy Wednesday loves! I hope it’s been a great week so far. It’s going by so quick, we’re already in middle of July!

I’m back again with a recipe which I created a few years ago and since this quarantine started, I’m using this recipe again!

The best thing is that it is very customizable in case you don’t have a specific ingredient!

Ingredients for my Smoked Salmon Breakfast Sandwich

*2 slices of bread ( I used Oroweat Organic 22 Grain and Seed)

*1 egg

*1 avocado

*Bonjour Kefir Yogurt Mint & Dill or cream cheese or Labne

*2 slices of smoked salmon


  1. Toast the bread any way you like
  2. Turn on the skillet and scoop out a teaspoon of ghee and a teaspoon of butter.
  3. When it starts to sizzle, place the egg in the skillet and let it cook.
  4. I prefer my eggs to be a bit over easy so when I see it as over easy I turn off the stove.
  5. Spread some cream cheese, or spreadable cheese of choice on one side of bread.
  6. On the other bread, spread the avocado.
  7. Place the smoked salmon on the cream cheese side and place the egg on the other bread.
  8. Put them together and there you go!


What do you guys think?! Would you try it?!