Recollections 18-month Doodling Planner Review

Happy Wednesday loves!

I’ve been specifically searching for a weekly planner that I can use with great detail and of all places, I found it at Michaels!

The best friend and I were looking for somethings for her baby shower and we somehow got to the organization area. I love looking at journals and planners so when she noticed it and showed it to me, I was ecstatic! It was originally $12.99 but was on sale for 6.99! Not only that, but I also had a 20% off coupon.

I couldn’t say no to the price and I’m a big fan of adult coloring books, so when I saw it was a doodling planner, I just had to get it!

My only con would be you would have to write in the dates for the monthly planner

My favorite part is the weekly planner! I’ve been looking for this specific template everywhere! You can easily put all your appointments by the time.


My 2017 Goals

Happy Wednesday loves! I’m changing things up a bit this year by talking more about me personally. We always have New Year Resolutions but must we label it as such? I rather consider my resolutions as goals, that seems better right? Anyways, I have a few goals I want to achieve this year. Here it goes!

*Write More Blog Posts and Attend More Blogging Events-I haven’t posted as much as I wanted in 2016 and that’s about to change! Just a little hint: Eventbrite has a lot of different types of events locally (free and not free)

*Cook More Often and Eat Healthier-At least cook once or twice a week, cut back on soda and sugar. Easier said than done right?! Drink more water and even post some healthy lifestyle blog posts.

*Go Back to School and Finish my BS in Sociology and Work a Full-time Steady Job. (also taking online classes such as self-improvement)

*Get More Organized and Write in My Planner (TJ Max has really cute and efficient planners)

*Don’t Overthink and Enjoy Life-this is probably one of my important goals just because I can tend to overthink and worry. Just a fun fact: did you know that overthinking can actually backfire and ruin things!

Well there you have it folks, my goals of 2017! Do you have anything you want different in 2017? I’d love to hear it!