Dr. Scholl’s For Her Cozy Cushions Review

Hi loves!

I hope everyone is doing great! Good luck to everyone who has finals this week! 🙂

When I got the Influenster RoseVoxBox, I was sent the Dr. Scholl’s For Her Cozy Cushions Insoles. I pretty much love them!



The Benefit and Claims:

*Helps keep feet warm and dry

*Provides all-day comfort and support good for any season

*Adds renewed comfort in your footwear

*Works great in any boot or casual shoe

*Multi-layer design insulates against cold and dampness while absorbing perspiration

*Two plush layers provide extra cushioning comfort

*Designed to fit: Rain boots, Winter boots, casual boots and shoes, and dress boots

*Available in Women (sizes 6-10)

How to Use:

Make sure the fuzzy side is next to your foot

Trim the insoles so that it fits your shoe

My Opinion:

I honestly love them. Only problem I had was that it was kind of hard to trim. Maybe it was my scissors. They’re very cozy just like the title. I love that I can actually wear my boots with no socks and I don’t have to worry about the aftermath. Another plus is that because my boots are a size 8 and I naturally wear a size 7.5, so when I did put the insoles in my boots, it turned out to be a better fit as well!



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