Hey Loves! So sorry for being MIA, didn’t think school would take so much time from me. :-/ but hey it all works out in the end right?! I’ve got a list of upcoming posts about skin care products review, a few makeup reviews and a ton of hauls!

This post is about the Krogers Free Friday Downloads that happened mostly past summer.

The stores that participated in this promotion included: Ralphs, Kroger, QFC, King Soopers, Food 4 Less, Baker’s, Smith, City Market, and Gorbes. The coupon is only available that day but expires another day.

Every Friday, they had a coupon you could download on your loyalty cards and get a free product.

September 20, 2013: Free Orville Ready to Eat Popcorn (5oz)  Expires: 10/5/13

September 13, 2013: Emerald Breakfast on the Go (5 cts) Expires: 9/28/13

August 30, 2013: Gatorade Recover Protein Shake (11.16oz)

August 23, 2013: One (1) 2-liter of 7UP TEN, A&W TEN, Sunkist TEN Soda, Canada Dry TEN, or Dr. Pepper TEN.

August 16, 2013: 1 Free Full Throttle or NOS Energy Drink (16 oz)

August 9, 2013: Free bag of Cheetos

July 26, 2013: Colgate Toothpaste (4.6 oz)

Well that was a mouthful! Stay tuned for new posts coming up! 🙂



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