Colgate Optic White Review

Have you ever went looking for one of the greatest teeth whitening kits that don’t break the bank or take any extra time from your busy schedule?

Then I have the perfect solution for you. haha 😉 its the Colgate Optic White Regimen. I got it complimentary of Influenster but this is my own honest opinion about the product.

There’s three steps to the regimen.

1. the toothbrush

2. the toothpaste

3. the mouthwash


The Toothbrush!

This brush was pretty different from other brushes I’ve seen before. the bristles are a mix of light blue and teal green. Those are the ones that more than likely polish your teeth as you brush them. The reason I feel like I’ve never seen a brush like this is because it has “whitening cups” which are meant to keep the toothpaste in and effectively take off the surface stains. No one likes that coffee/soda stains am i right? haha


The toothpaste:

I’m a fan of it definitely. It has a fresh minty scent and I always feel cleaner after using it. 🙂 After using it for 5 days straight I started to see a difference in my teeth and who doesn’t like to see that? haha if only they could have a gum flavor that strong.


(that’s how much i love it, it’s used pretty bad hahaha)

The mouthwash:

This was my favorite part of the regimen! It has this weird foaming sensation when you put it in your mouth. haha it’s totally refreshing and you can always know when it’s working cuz you’ll feel a tingling feeling.

I see a difference from before I used it and now and it’s awesome. I can’t wait to finish it and start all over. haha

In case you’d want to see the site Colgate® Optic White® :

And if you’d like to see more reviews on this regimen check out: Influenster review page:



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