Get to Know Me Tag

I figured I would do a Get to Know Me tag since i don’t anyone really knows me yet. haha

I got this tag from Glam Life Guru and let me tell you she’s a pretty good blogger and beauty guru on Youtube. Check her out!


Off to the questions haha. :p

1. what’s my name?

my name is actually christina but everyone calls me Chrissy. I like Chrissy waaay better lol

2. what’s my birthday and my star sign.

Oct 23, 1986! i noticed lots of people are born in October. hmmm weird haha jk. I’m more in the middle of being a Libra and Scorpio. It figures lol

3. where was i born?

I was born in….. Egypt. 🙂 but i came here at 3 months old

4. What’s my occupation?

Well I’m a licensed esthetician for now. 🙂 Skin Care Therapist if you want to call it. lol. I do makeup, waxing and of course facials!.

5. What’s your eye color, hair length and hair color?

I have brown eyes, my hair is super long, its curly and its a dark reddish brown. (naturally dark brown)

6. what’s my best feauture?

hmm I would say I’m very kind, friendly, my heart’s pretty big. lol i may be shy at first but don’t let that fool you. 🙂

7. Have you ever had braces, any piercings or tattoos?

I did have braces for awhile. haha grr i hated it but it was well worth it. I’m too chicken for a tattoo and i had my ears pierced twice.

8. Am I left handed or right?

I’m actually a lefty and i’m proud! haha

9. what’s my favorite color, song, & restaurant?

my favorite color is silver, blue and pink. very random i know. haha i don’t really have a favorite song at the moment. lol but my favorite restaurant would be Kabuki Japanese Restaurant. its pricey but well worth it!

10.Whats my favorite store, magazine?

My favorite store would have to be Target. You can get everything from there and my favorite magazine would have to be Glamour. 🙂

11. 15. what am I currently listening to?

A mix of Boys II Men and arabic songs. i love me some arabic songs 😀

those are all of the questions haha hope it wasnt too long.

until next time

chrissy ❤

-“The best style is the style you don’t notice.” –Somerset Maugham


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