Palmolive Fresh Infusion Review!

So i got 3 Palmolive Fresh Infusion from Influenster to try out and let me tell you….i love it!
yes it may not exactly clean the dishes very well but you can also use them for other things. i used it to clean my makeup brushes and it worked pretty good. not only they cleaned the brushes but now i have a lime basil scent to my brushes. who wouldn’t like that?!

i got the lime basil, ginger white tea, and lemon thyme. my absolute favorite would be the lime basil. it just gives me that exotic scent of a cocktail. weird i know haha but that’s how i would describe it.

you could buy this at Walmart and here’s the link to the Palmolive site! 🙂
and the Influenster review page would be:

I gave my mom the ginger white tea and she loved it as well. its better than the boring ol’ scent of cleaning dishes haha.

hope you guys like my review! 🙂
until next time 😉

Disclaimer: I did get this complimentary of Influnester.


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